What 2 do...The Pacific Coast of Choco

Here at the Humpback we are spoiled for option...located right on the beach, nesteld between 2 fresh water streams, and backed by one of the most bio-diverse jungles in the world!

  • Las Cascadas de El Tigre 
    • Stunning waterfall that crashes into the beach, beautiful pools of crystal clear water upstream
    • 30 minutes in boat each way, day trip
    • 50,000 per person transport
    • 5,000 entrance fee
    • 15,000 fresh sea food/fish lunch provided by local legend El Nativo
  • Tundo River/Jungle Hike

    • 1.5 hour walk through the jungle from the beach to the river, then canoe down river back to the village
    • The Tundo River meanders through the dense Choco Rain Forest, many birds and other jungle fauna

    • 3-4 hours

    • 50,000 

  • Utria National Park

    • Isla Playa Blanca, coral reef, elevated trail through Mangrove forest

    • 45+- minute boat ride each way, day trip

    • 75,000 boat transport

    • Park Entrance fee of 43,000 foreigners / 18,000 with Colombian ID

    • 18,000 Lunch on Playa Blanca

  • Embera Indigenous Community

    • Indigenous Community of the Embera Tribe, 2 hours up the Rio Valle

    • Cultural exchange with the Indigenous, Views of the Rio Valle and the agricultural heart of the area, local flora and fauna

    • 100,000 per person including boat transport, guide, and lunch

  • Game Fishing

    • This section of the Pacific Coast has world class game fishing, Red Snapper, Dorado, Golden Travalley, Sail Fish, Marlin, Barracuda, Amber Jack, Yellow Fin Tuna, and the list goes on....

    • Coastal Fishing, 150,000 per person, half day

    • Deep Sea Fishing 500,000 per person, full day min. 3 pax

We work directly with local guides, boat captains, restaurants, families and friends to ensure a unique and truly pacific experience

Be sure to book you tours with us at the hostel to ensure quality service and knowledgable guides!