Colombia's Pacific Coast

~Where the Jungle meets the ocean~


Located right on the sands of

Playa Almejal...

!Flights daily to bahia solano from medellin!


  The Humpback Turtle has been the place for like minded travelers on the Pacific Coast since 2011, when the first bungalow was born.  Since then, we along with the local community have put our hearts and souls into what the Humpback is today.  We offer private rooms, dorm beds, as well as a covered camp site with lockers.  Our restaurant serves fresh fish daily, and delicious flavors come from our extensive organic farm.  We have a vibey beach bar, where you can have a cold beer or fruit juice while watching the waves crash.  Everything has been made with natural materials from the region, with palm thatch roofs, tropical hardwood floors, and cane and bamboo walls. As we are right on the beach in front of the Pacific Ocean, the sea breeze keeps nights cool and the verdant jungle the air fresh. Nestled amidst our lush gardens and between 2 streams, the Humpback is your spot from which to explore the beauty of Choco.




+57 3147668708




Playa Almejal

El Valle, Bahia Solano


Pacific Coast, Colombia



Daily 8am-11pm



~Camping/Hammock 15,000; Dorm Beds 25,000; Privates 45,000 -- prices per person~

How 2 Get Here???



The are NO roads coming into Bahia Solano or the entire coast of Choco, giving us something of an Island vibe.  You must fly in from Medellin or from Quibdo, boat up from Buenaventura, or boat down from Panama!


      There are daily flights from Medellin's Olaya Herrera Airport in El Poblado. You can try Satena Airlines www.satena.com for flights, and if their flights are expensive or unavailable, we highly recommend Pacifico Tours who can sort out flights as well as tours!  www.pacificotours.com       

       Alternatively you can take the cargo boat from Buenaventura to Bahia Solano, which leaves every Tuesday from Buenaventura, and every Saturday back from Bahia Solano to Buenaventura!  Takes about 24 hours, costs 150,000 pesos, and includes 3 meals n a bed!


When we arrived to this amazing land many years ago, we realized our duty to preserve its natural beauty!


  Here at the Humpback we take great pride and our dedicated to Conscious and Sustainable practices.  We recycle the great majority of trash produced in the hostel, with separation of Glass, Aluminium, Paper, and Organic "Trash."  There is no trash service from the local government given our location on the beach, hence we took the matter into our own hands, as we use these recycled materials for alternative construction methods!

From there very beginning, we have invested heart and soul into the land.  At this point we are blessed to have an extensive organic farm, where we have more than 15 types of fruit trees, and a wide array of herbs and vegetables.  All of our fertilizer is produced in house through our kitchen compost, and our "baños secos" which are dry composting toilets. Through these methods we have been able to maintain healthy, productive, organic produce which we serve daily in our restaurant!


You can call us at 3127563439 or 3147668708

Our internet is difficult at best, though you can try to reach us at thehumpbackturtle@gmail.com