~When we arrived to this amazing land many years ago, we realized our duty to preserve its natural beauty!


  Here at the Humpback we take great pride and our dedicated to Conscious and Sustainable practices.  We recycle the great majority of trash produced in the hostel, with separation of Glass, Aluminium, Paper, and Organic "Trash."  There is no trash service from the local government given our location on the beach, hence we took the matter into our own hands, as we use these recycled materials for alternative construction methods!

From there very beginning, we have invested heart and soul into the land.  At this point we are blessed to have an extensive organic farm, where we have more than 15 types of fruit trees, and a wide array of herbs and vegetables.  All of our fertilizer is produced in house through our kitchen compost, and our "baños secos" which are dry composting toilets. Through these methods we have been able to maintain healthy, productive, organic produce which we serve daily in our restaurant!